“It’s a no brainer, buy it once and it will do all the instant
advertising for you, cut back on newspaper, TV, radio etc…”
-Charlie Aiello, Aiello’s Restaurant - Whitney Point, NY

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          Full Color

Our Clarity Full Color LED Display Series will deliver a dynamic advertising impact. With 281 trillion bold colors, the highest contrast ratio in the industry (1,000:1), highest refresh rate (2,400Hz), and superior quality all aluminuim construction, our clients will recognize a difference in appearance and performance to other LED displays. Dragon Fly Signs hosts a variety of features and benefits for our clients to help set them apart from the competition. TheClarity Full color Series is the result of meticulous engineering with attention to every detail. Our clients will witness the result of passion, vision and care we put into our products.

Stand apart from the rest!
Clarity Series Full color Signs are available in 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 24mm pitch.
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Backed by the superior engineering in the Full Color Line comes our Clarity Grayscale LED Display Series. Witness a true red (or amber) with the highest contrast ratio and brightness in the industry. The Clarity Greyscale Series delivers solid performance for text messages as will as 4096 shades of image and video quality. The Clarity Grayscale Series separates itself from ARM-based controlled displays featuring:

  • A PC Controller with a 40 gig solid state hard drive
    for fluid animations and image quality.
  • Capable of displaying all Windows fonts and International languages
  • Auto dimming and software controlled brightness
  • Utilizes the powerful Dragon's Fire software for effective & dynamic messaging.
Clarity Series Greyscale Signs are available in 16mm, 20mm and 24mm pitch.
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Solid State Control Unit. Our Internal Video PC Controller (powered by intel) not only handles the most demanding of high resolution graphics and video, but features an opensystem. This means new modules, like unique scoring systems, zone mapping or RSS feeds, can be added upon request with ease.  ARM-based closed system controllers are limited to the embedded modules, like limited video capability, number of fonts and presentation modes. 
Our control unit also features a 40 gig solid state hard drive (SSD). The display content data is stored electronically on memory chips, rather than on a spinning magnetic disc like most LED sign controllers. No moving parts means less mechanical issues while accessing the stored data.Other benefits include:

  • No overheating due to weather changes.
  • Little to no heat generated by SSD providing longer life & better heat dissipation.
  • Much less vulnerable to data loss or corruption.
  • Faster access to data for improved message/video performance.

Conformal Coated Power Supplies. Our power supplies are rated among the best, but we sought to take it one step further by adding conformal coating inside. What does this mean? A protective coating on the electronics inside further protects the power supply from condensation and breakdown.  Our LED displays have an excellent ventilation system, but since power supplies are the first point of failure, this coating will help increase the life of the power supply by 25%. It is the little details we pay attention to that will make our displays stay effective in the field for our clients and help eliminate downtime.

High Contrast LED Modules. Every effort has been taken to ensure a superior high contrast ratio in our module design. We start with a high quality plastic that is resistant to fading or cracking and apply a flat black coating that absorbs light. Next, our louver design is key to creating a sharp true black. This makes the colors in our displays pop.  Our modules have individual louvers shading each pixel from the sun from above and ”mini”louvers between each LED to deflect any stray sun rays and ambient light up or down. The acute detail in our module design results in a superior contrast ratio making our black a true black against our vibrant spectrum of colors. Each module has quick release half-turn accessibility with Neoprene seals that do not dry or crack and adjust to all weather conditions.  Plus, no screws to worry about losing...ever.

Resilient Dragon SkinHigh Performance Coating. Dragon Skin is a more versatile, rugged and easy-to-use coating on LED displays. The coating does not use Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) making it a safe and “green” alternative to typical paint applications. Dragon Skin results in a highly scratch-resistant coating which is flexible and allows for the general expansion/shrinkage seen in metal cabinets over time/temperature which will often cause other coatings to crack leaving the metal exposed to the environment and damaging the finish.
Not only do we reduce the harmful elements from polyurethane paint from our factory and the atmosphere, but it’s one more step to support the Green Initiative by being environmentally responsible.

Aside from the resilience, strength, low cost of application, quick curing time and ease-of-use, the Dragon SkinTM coating will add longevity to your LED display cabinet and leave it looking better longer.