“It’s a no brainer, buy it once and it will do all the instant
advertising for you, cut back on newspaper, TV, radio etc…”
-Charlie Aiello, Aiello’s Restaurant - Whitney Point, NY

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7 Year Warranty / Disclaimer

Dragon Fly Signs herby grants to the new registered owner of a Dragon Fly L.E.D. display (the goods), a limited warranty against any defects in material and workmanship for a period of seven (7) years . This warranty covers both parts and on-site labor when the goods are used in accordance with normal practice upon the acceptance of terms and conditions stipulated herein:

1. The customer/dealer is responsible for the installation of goods through a bonded, licensed, professional installer and electrician. All electrical work needs to conform to code.

2. The warranty begins immediately following installation of goods.

3. Dragon Fly Signs will be responsible for on-site labor and all necessary replacement parts required while performing duties under this warranty.

4. Equipment such as an aerial lift or crane that is required in order to access the LED display on the installation structure will be the responsibility of the sign company reseller.

5. Dragon Fly Signs agrees to respond to a service part request in a timely and responsible manner upon receiving defective part(s) sent by the registered dealer/owner.

6. This warranty limits the liability and obligation of Dragon Fly Signs to repair or replace the defective components, at its sole discretion. In no event shall Dragon Fly Signs be held liable for any damages, including loss of income, other incidental or consequential damages regardless of the nature of the claim, or deemed to be in default of its obligations under this warranty, for any delay in providing service and/or repaired or replacement parts.

7. This warranty does not cover a condition that arises from the following, and the registered owner/dealer will be notified promptly after the initial inspection of the defective parts:

a. Repair or damages caused by or resulting from any act of negligence, omission, abuse or misuse of the display by its owner, employees or agents.

b. Repair or damages caused by or resulting from any acts of God, vandalism, fire, smoke, power surge, water abuse, or accident related occurrences.

8. Dragon Fly Signs reserves the right to determine the legitimacy of a warranty request based on records on file and information provided by the registered owner/dealer.

Terms & Conditions

1. Interest on Late payments - All payments due hereunder except as may be expressly otherwise agreed in writing are due in full 14 days from invoice. Payments late 30 days or more from invoice shall bear interest at the rate of 1.5 % per month,to the maximum provided by law, on any unpaid balance.

2. Suspension of Support Services Pending Payment - Any and all software support services are conditioned on and are subject to payment in full of any and all sums due by Buyer under this purchase order whether to Buyer or to Third party end users of the products sold hereunder.

3. Suspension of Warranty Pending Payment - Any and all product warranties whether express or implied are condition on and are null and void and of no effect, until Buyer pays all sums due Seller under this purchase order in full.

4. No Oral Agreement - This purchase order contains all of the terms of the agreement between Buyer and Seller and any oral agreements or understandings not othewvise contained herein are invalid and unenforceable. Any modification to this purchase order shall be in writing signed by Buyer and Seller.

5. Delivery - All delivery dates are estimated based on information at the time of the order. These dates are subject to change without notice due to unforeseen events. We will always put forth our best effort to insure the accuracy of these estimates. Buyer and dealer agree that in the unlikely event that the Buyer reschedules delivery for any reason, the down payment and/or scheduled deposit will be retained by dealer until such time that the Buyer is ready for delivery of the LED display.

6. Electrical Disclaimer - Unless othen/vise stated in this agreement, Buyer is responsible for all installation and electrical connections to sign structure and final connect to the LED sign. Specific electrical requirements will be provided to buyer before shipment and installation of the sign to ensure correct power is available at time of installation.

7. Permits - Unless othen/vise stated in this agreement, Buyer is responsible for all sign permits.

8. Indemnification - Buyer does hereby indemnify save and hold Seller harmless from and against any and all claims actions lawsuits damages or losses by third party end users or other persons and entities arising out of or in connection with Buyers installation of Sellers products and material sold hereunder including but not limited to reasonable attorneys in defense thereof.

9. Attorneys Fees - In the event litigation is commenced to enforce the terms hereof or to collect sums due Seller from Buyerthe prevailing party shall be awarded reasonable attorneys fees.

10. Payment — All products require a 50% down payment to start production. The balance is required before product is to be delivered unless product is delivered to an authorized DragonFly Signs installation company.

11. Severability of Terms. Definitions - The terms hereof are intended to be construed as a whole to accomplish the commercial transaction contemplated by the parties hereto and should any term or terms hereof be deemed invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction the remaining terms shall nonetheless remain in full force and effect. Buyer shall be defined as the purchaser of products sold pursuant to this purchase order and Seller shall be defined as Dragonfly Digital, Inc.

12. Jurisdiction and Choice of Law - This purchase order shall be deemed entered into and performed in Lackawanna County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Buyer consents to the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for purposes of enforcement of the terms hereof. Buyer agrees to the above General Terms including but not limited to terms relating to interest on late payments, conditional terms, attorneys fees and jurisdiction for enforcement.

13. All deposits are non-refundable - Each sign is custom built, which commences at the time the deposit is paid. Deposits cannot be surrendered once build is in progress.