“It’s a no brainer, buy it once and it will do all the instant
advertising for you, cut back on newspaper, TV, radio etc…”
-Charlie Aiello, Aiello’s Restaurant - Whitney Point, NY

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7 Year Warranty / Disclaimer

Dragon Fly Signs herby grants to the new registered owner of a Dragon Fly L.E.D. display (the goods), a limited warranty against any defects in material and workmanship for a period of seven (7) years . This warranty covers both parts and on-site labor when the goods are used in accordance with normal practice upon the acceptance of terms and conditions stipulated herein:

1. The customer/dealer is responsible for the installation of goods through a bonded, licensed, professional installer and electrician. All electrical work needs to conform to code.

2. The warranty begins immediately following installation of goods.

3. Dragon Fly Signs will be responsible for on-site labor and all necessary replacement parts required while performing duties under this warranty.

4. Equipment such as an aerial lift or crane that is required in order to access the LED display on the installation structure will be the responsibility of the sign company reseller.

5. Dragon Fly Signs agrees to respond to a service part request in a timely and responsible manner upon receiving defective part(s) sent by the registered dealer/owner.

6. This warranty limits the liability and obligation of Dragon Fly Signs to repair or replace the defective components, at its sole discretion. In no event shall Dragon Fly Signs be held liable for any damages, including loss of income, other incidental or consequential damages regardless of the nature of the claim, or deemed to be in default of its obligations under this warranty, for any delay in providing service and/or repaired or replacement parts.

7. This warranty does not cover a condition that arises from the following, and the registered owner/dealer will be notified promptly after the initial inspection of the defective parts:

a. Repair or damages caused by or resulting from any act of negligence, omission, abuse or misuse of the display by its owner, employees or agents.

b. Repair or damages caused by or resulting from any acts of God, vandalism, fire, smoke, power surge, water abuse, or accident related occurrences.

8. Dragon Fly Signs reserves the right to determine the legitimacy of a warranty request based on records on file and information provided by the registered owner/dealer.